Frequently asked questions

1. Do you store any data that my users submit?

No! Everything is forwarded to Podio, we don't keep anything. Uploaded files are stored temporarily until the file has reached Podio, when the users see the Thank you page, the file is already gone from our servers.

2. What data do you store about my Podio account?

We store just enough to make it possible to submit items to your apps. The data includes your Podio Account ID, an access and refresh token that is used to authenticate our service against Podio and the app id from which the webform is built off. We also store your email address to be able to notify you about any problems with your forms or your account. We hate spam as much as you do and we will never send you anything like that.

3. Can I have several forms based on the same app?

Well, sort of. Yes, you can have different titles, descriptions, buttons texts and success messages, but not different fields settings. We are working on that though.

4. Will my forms work forever?

It depends, if your forms have continues activity, they will continue to work. However, if there has not been any activity with your account (views or submittions of your forms), our permission to access your apps are withdrawn and we will not be able to display your webforms. To keep your webforms up and running, we will send you a friendly note (via email) that you need to reauthenticate your account with us.

Any unanswered questions?

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