Ad-Hoc Room Booking Form

An Ad Hoc Room booking is a one-off booking for a single room or activity. We offer ad-hoc room bookings to any of our affiliated Club’s, Societies and Projects, so you have the space to hold in-person activities and events that fall outside of your regular annual activity. Hosting a fundraiser, a conference, or a show? Planning a meeting, a lecture, or an exhibition? The Student Union has lot of different spaces across the Student Union Building and the College Spaces to help facilitate your Club, Society and Project’s in person activity or event.

This form is specifically for requesting a room or space for your activity.

General Information

About your Booking

Please give us a brief description of your activity.

If no, please complete the Event Proposal Form before submitting this booking request.

Room Booking Request

Please make sure to check the Celcat Calendar to see if your room is free. If there is an existing booking, your request will be rejected.