Event Proposal Form 21/22

Filling out this form notify's LSESU Staff Team that your student group is planning to run an event or activity. Once we have received your form, we will review your form approve, reject or support the in progress planning of an event or activity. Please provide as much information as possible as the point of submission, your event forms can continually be updated so we suggest for large events submitting early. If you have any issues or questions regarding this form and submitting, please email su.activities@lse.ac.uk

Event info

Society/ Club/ Media Group

The Lead Event Organisers Name
The Lead Event organisers LSE email address

Venues & Bookings

If you are choosing the Students' Union, options for booking rooms will become available. Filling this in does not confirm your booking, the events team will get back to you within 5 working days.
For LSE rooms, once your form is approved, you can use resource booker to book a room.
Please include as much detail as possible including: Venue Name, Venue Address, The Name and Contact information for the contact within the venue, How long you plan to book and a link to their website.

Attendees & Crowd Controls

If your event is open to the public or has over 50 attendees, you should have stewards who crowd control for safety and help evacuate if needed.

If you have not sent the guidelines to your stewards, please head to this link for the guidelines and send the link to your stewards. Once you have done this, please click yes to let us know you have sent it to them.
Members of the public, other university members, sponsors etc. If you do have non-LSE attendees, you will have to have a ticketed system as you will need to provide a list of names to LSE security.

Including senior government officials and political representatives, celebrities, famous people or people in the current public eye NOT speakers.

Specialised Events

Please ensure you provide the speakers full name and in their profile you may include things like, role, company they work for, political party/stance.

If Yes, you will need find an academic chair for your event. We suggest asking an academic interested in your topic. For more information on Academic Chairs, visit the Committee Hub
Please note, your event will not be confirmed until we have the name of your academic chair if one is needed.

If none, please just say none.

This needs to be a full list before your event is confirmed. This can include any external organisations involved in your event: speakers, panels, content, sponsorship, etc

Please note: there are a large number of laws and requirements regarding screenings. You can screen for educational purposes or instruction with out a license. If screening for recreational purposes, you need to acquire a license.For guidance before moving forward please here to here: http://bit.ly/Eventsupport

If yes, have you thought about reaching out to the LSE Widening Participation team for advice?

Ticketing, Advertising & Press

Please note, if you are not using lsesu.com for your Ticketing & Registration, You will need approval from the Societies Team and we will need the log in details for the platform.

If yes, we will ask further questions so we can create tickets for you on your lsesu.com group page, under the event. Please bear in mind, you need to create an event on your lsesu.com once your event is approved. It is against policy for you to use any other ticketing system than the lsesu.com ticketing system. If you need further guidance, please contact su.arcstaff@lse.ac.uk.
. (i.e. event name, date, time, place, number of tickets to be sold, price, deadline for buying tickets, any ticket customisations including dietary requirements or accessibility needs)


If so, you need to give attendees the opportunity to opt out of having their photograph taken.


. Please see further information on booking catering here, Please note that the Societies Team must place all orders for your LSE and LSESU catering, so please email what it is you would want and we will add this to your form and book it.

Event Finances

If your event is over £500, please complete a budget template and attach at the bottom of the form. The budget template can be found on the finance section of committee hubs.
If your event is over 100 people, you will be asked to complete an Equality Impact Assessment.

Risk Management

Max file size is 50MB